Sistem Pakar Deteksi Gizi Buruk Pada Balita Menggunakan Metode Certainty Factor

 (*)Gusri Anda Pirnando Mail (STMIK Kaputama, Binjai, Indonesia)
 Novriyenni Novriyenni (STMIK Kaputama, Binjai, Indonesia)
 Marto Sihombing (STMIK Kaputama, Binjai, Indonesia)

(*) Corresponding Author


Nutrition is a process of using food that is consumed normally through the processes of digestion, absorption, transportation, storage, metabolism and excretion of substances that are not used to maintain life, growth and normal function of organs, and produce energy. This is done by measuring nutritional levels to find out whether the toddler is getting good nutrition or not, namely anthropometry. Nutritional anthropometry is an assessment of nutritional status by measuring body dimensions and body composition of various ages and nutritional levels. Lack of knowledge of mothers about health and nutrition before and during pregnancy causes toddlers to experience malnutrition. It is necessary to build a system that can detect malnutrition in toddlers by utilizing computer-based information technology. An expert system is a system that can store expert knowledge so that it can be used in solving a particular problem, for example this malnutrition. The Certainty Factor method is a method to prove whether a fact is certain or uncertain in the form of a metric that is usually used in expert systems. So that in the end the expert system can provide information to the public early about malnutrition. And of course helping the clinic to facilitate socialization to the community more quickly.


Certainty Factor, Expert System, Malnutrition, Socialization, Toddler

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