Penerapan Algoritma Sequitur Pada Kompresi File Teks

 (*)Christian Abed Nego Ginting Mail (Universitas Budi Darma, Medan, Indonesia)

(*) Corresponding Author


RTF is one of the rich text file formats supported by many applications, making it suitable for cross-platform sharing. This file format is the safest format compared to other formats because this format is not as popular as the doc or docx formats so it has not been targeted by hackers or virus makers, or it can also be said that this format is usually used to prevent file loss. However, this format is the format that has the largest size among the others, so it requires more storage space than other formats. Therefore we need a system to reduce the size of the file in order to use less space to store files. Compression is a system that serves to reduce the size of a file in order to reduce storage memory usage. This study discusses the application of the Sequitur Algorithm to Text File Compression. Compression is done by executing constraints in a grammar that when the uniqueness diagram is violated, a new rule is created, and when the rule utility constraint is violated, the unused rule is deleted. In this study the results of compression using the Sequitur algorithm are Ratio of Compression of 1.688bit, Compression Ratio of 59.21%, Redundancy of 40.79% and Space Saving of 40.79%, but after compression the file format changes so that it cannot Opened using Microsoft Word application, it must be decompressed first to be able to open the file.


File; Text; Compression; Algorithm; Sequitur

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